Ancient Olympia

  • Ancient Olympia

    Ancient Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympic Games.    Price € 90      

    In the north-west of the Peloponnese, in the fertile valley area Elis, is the ancient city of Olympia, is a powerful policy and cult sanctuary throughout ancient Greece, dedicated to Zeus - the father of gods and men. Initially, there was a sanctuary of the goddess of the Earth Gaia, based among the first owners of this area - pisatov tribe, but later, here came the Dorians and Aeolians, subjecting the area and have established a cult of Zeus. Sanctuary is located at the foot of the crown, admiring its beauty and harmonious coexistence with the surrounding fragrant coniferous forest. Olympia was not only religious, but also the sports center of Greece - for the first time in VIIIv. BC Olympic Games were held. According to legend, the founder of the glorious tradition of sports became king Pelops, who won the chariot races king Oenomaus. The Olympic Games are held every four years for nearly a thousand years. During their conduct between the Greek city-establish peace. Today it is possible in all colors to imagine life of this magnificent complex - on its territory there are perfectly preserved buildings and artifacts of those times. The center of the sanctuary is a luxurious temple of Zeus, striking with its grandeur and beauty. Gymnasium, palaestra, Leonidaion, racecourse and stadium allow to touch history, feel the breath of time and giving free rein to imagination, to see how they come to life and are filled with athletes and spectators, eager to see the race. Many interesting things can be seen in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia - one of the largest in Greece. The excavations at Olympia continues to this day and who knows what other exciting secrets will reveal this beautiful land...

  • Ancient Olympia

  • Kyllini


    Killini - dirt, the giver of health.

    Killini - resort located on the westernmost point of the Peloponnese, hospitably opens its arms to those who appreciate quality service, monitor their health and want to combine different types of recreation. Here, on the beach built a magnificent complex of hotels Grecotel, opens to its guests all the advantages of a perfect holiday, surrounded by magnificent nature. Hotel guests appreciate the quality of service, friendliness, courtesy of staff and the services provided. Apart from relaxing on a private golden beach Grecotel, resort guests visit various attractions located nearby. From the port, which is just a short drive from this heavenly place, ferries to Ionian Islands - Zakynthos and Kefalonia, known for its beauty and attractions. But one of the main advantages of rest in Grecotel is its proximity to the huge cypress grove in which the thermal springs, surrounded by healing mud. More Romans discovered the magical properties of these gifts of nature - near sources meet the ruins of Roman baths. Sources and mud rich in minerals, thanks to which they gained their unique ability to help with arthritis, asthma and various skin diseases. Wrapping velvety, pleasant to the touch dirt revive the hidden potentials of the body, restore health and are beneficial to the beauty of the skin, giving it a silky, smooth and radiant. Luxury spa center, located in a complex of Grecotel, will give you many memorable moments that will not only stay in your memory as a relaxing and pampering, but also benefit your health.