Greece ... beautiful Mediterranean country, which sits at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula and multiple islands, each year attracts more and more of our tourists, overtaking the popularity Turkey and Egypt. Greece hospitably opens many facets of different types of tourism, to fulfill your wildest dreams of the perfect vacation - so what exactly do you imagine it. Today, Greece - is not only a cursory shubnye tours and sightseeing of ancient times, but ... it is not necessary to throw off the accounts and these trips. Today, Greece opens up a great beach holiday on the mainland and islands; pilgrimage tours to the holy sites of Christendom; secluded relaxation in unspoilt by mass tourism areas; recreational tours in a delightful place, the famous mineral springs; ski tours of the scenic winter resorts; Wedding and romantic trip; educational tours that combine the study of the Greek language and recreation; as well as much, and more. And here you can not pay attention to only one side of the tour - languidly lying on the beach or visiting the monument. Here you are offered all at once. Golden beaches, crystal-clear sea, priceless attractions, emerald mountains, delicious Greek cuisine, impeccable service, infrastructure (even in the most remote corners), a charming tradition, the similarity of mentalities, bargains, genuine hospitality, etc. - Not every country can boast such a variety of weave enchanting moments that lead to the perfect vacation. Versatility Greece delights and attracts. Where else can you see such a metropolis, Athens, famous for its cosmopolitanism and rich history preserved in beautiful artifacts, as well as beautiful clean beaches, spread out their gold leaf in the city? Plunge into the homely atmosphere of Greek life, you can in the northern capital - Thessaloniki and exotic flavor to your holiday will bring unsurpassed Islands - Corfu, Crete, Rhodes, Santorini, Euboea, Paros, Chios, Mykonos ... And these are just some of the 2,000 islands that are part of part of Greece! And, of course, wherever you are vacationing in Greece, everywhere you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine - vegetable salad (we called it the Greek and the Greeks - horyatiki), moussaka, pastitsio, dolmataki and sweets - Kataify, baklava and delicious halva in the world. If you want quality and an unforgettable vacation, then you need to go to Greece, and only here! A Greca Travel successfully doing everything possible to fulfill your dream of a perfect vacation in Greece!