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Excursions in ancient Greece deliver guests of the country great pleasure. Here perfectly preserved ancient artifacts that allow to see firsthand how powerful, beautiful and original was ancient Greece, what events occurred on this sunny land and what glory surrounded the cradle of civilization. Visit the most famous ancient landmarks of Greece, you replenish the treasury of his knowledge, experience aesthetic pleasure and save in its memory a lot of interesting, exciting and exhilarating memories.

Athens - contrast and tradition.

The capital of Greece - Athens, is a magnet for visitors to the country of its enchanting beauty. That is why, Athens enjoyed our visitors great popularity. Megapolis simply captivates with its cosmopolitanism - are closely intertwined new trends and age-old traditions, the noise of the modern city and the silence of luxury resorts, creating a striking contrast that you will not see anywhere else. Many visit Athens only for sightseeing ... and are pleasantly surprised by the luxurious bonus, which is attached to one and all - visitors will plunge into the whirlpool of Greek hospitality, hospitality, friendliness and are captured by the unique atmosphere of this beautiful city.

You are waiting for the most famous sights of Athens. The majestic Acropolis opens to the guests of the capital, and all the glory of the rich heritage and unique beautiful sunny Greece. On the territory of the Acropolis is the Parthenon temple luxury, interesting story that captivates the mind for a long time. No less beautiful temple - the Erechtheion captures the imagination with its complex architecture and presents gaze famous Caryatids - six statues of women in long robes, replacing the columns of the portico. Do not leave anyone indifferent Propylaea - the main entrance to the Acropolis of Athens, built of white and gray marble. A New Acropolis Museum lifts the veil of secrets of the ancient Greek city, and demonstrates many priceless artifacts. Athens is the largest temple in Greece - Temple of Olympic Zeus (Temple of Olympian Zeus). Its up heading into fifteen columns (the remnant of the four hundred), allow to present all the scale and grandeur of this ancient project glorifying Zeus - the father of all gods and men. It is also worth visiting Panathinaikos white marble stadium built entirely of white marble. Here, in 1896, were the first modern Olympic Games. Special attention is given the Greek Parliament and the guard of honor beside him, carried Evzones - an elite unit of the Greek army infantry. And, of course, should definitely enjoy a harmonious trilogy Building, University of Athens, the Academy and the National Library. Do not forget about the beautiful temple, carrying the light of Orthodoxy and carefully keeping his shrine. This is only a partial list of the wonderful sights of the capital.

Do not be disappointed and fans to have some fun - Athens famous for its night life and the ability to entertain. In this neon side of the capital is also not without contrasts - traditional bouzouki and fashionable nightclubs offer a huge selection of leisure activities. Want to participate in traditional entertainments Greeks and study them a bit - then you on the bouzouki. Would you like to come off in a disco - in one of the many clubs in the capital. Well, you can successfully combine these radically different entertainment, or simply stroll through the streets of Athens night.

Another contrast consist in Athens wonderful symbiosis bustle, noise and bustle of the metropolis with the quiet, comfort and luxury high-end resort. Athenian Riviera beaches are considered some of the cleanest, safest and equipped. Crystal-clear sea, golden sand, comfort and a huge range of water sports to please the most discerning beach-holiday tourists. And yet it is very close to the center of Athens!

So, you wait for Athens. Waiting to give luxury, magnificence, good mood and reveal the secrets of his amazing!