Delphi - the navel of the Earth    Price € 70      

An exciting tour to Delphi will not leave anyone indifferent. At a distance of a little more than one hundred and fifty kilometers north-west of Athens, at the foot of the sacred Mount Parnassus, spread the ancient Greek city. Delphi, surrounded by two mighty rocks, treasured its secrets until recent times. Today you have the opportunity to touch these secrets and to provide all the power and omnipotence of the mythical city in the days when Greece was dissociated into many city-states. Delphi - this sanctuary of the ancient Greek world, which united consciousness for a long time all the inhabitants of Greece, being for them a symbol of belonging to one nation. Here, every four years, the Pythian Games were held - during them to make peace, which was considered sacred and could not be disturbed under any circumstances. This high status of Delphi provide them unquestioned weight is not only religious, but also in the political sphere throughout ancient Greece. Center and an important place of Delphi Temple of Apollo is decorated with statues of gods and surrounded by columns. It is in this luxurious temple made their prophecies oracles. Everyone tried to get to the Delphic oracle to get a prediction and a little glimpse into the future. Until now, this fact is shrouded in mystery and myths. According to legend, at Delphi is the navel of the Earth. It is represented by a domed stone. According to mythology, Zeus, to find the center of the Earth, was released from the edges of the light of two eagles, which met over Delphi. Also located on site of the Delphic complex you will find the theater, the stadium, the Athenian treasury of Parian marble and other monuments of the former greatness of the object of worship of all the ancient Greek world. This archaeological reserve rightfully occupies a place of honor in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.