Meteora. Shrine of the Orthodox world.    Price € 95      (Дельфы-Метеоры/Delfi-Meteora 130 €)

Having been in Greece, it is impossible not to visit Meteora - the largest active monastery complex, built on top of non-criminal-rock pillars adorning the landscape Thessalian plain. This unique monastic center was founded approximately in the X century. But, according to legend, long before that, here in caves and rock niches inhabited by hermits, seeking solitude for prayer and reading spiritual books. Subsequently, on the rocks formed monasteries, laid the foundation for the glorious history of Meteor. The magnificence of Meteor mesmerizing. Orthodox monasteries like hovering between heaven and earth, causing a feeling of admiration and quivering ecstasy of divine beauty. Meteors prospered until the 17th century - the top of the picturesque cliffs crowned with twenty-four of the monastery. Due to the attacks of robbers and ruin the Turks, has survived six monasteries. Four of them are, in fact, museums, visiting which you will plunge into the glorious history of the Orthodox Greece and see the priceless artifacts - some of which date back to the sixth century. Also offers you trips to the current male and female monasteries, during which you will learn many secrets, hear a lot of beautiful stories and see what treasures are stored in these sacred walls.