Marathon - witness the glory of the Athenians.    Price € 60      

Not far from Athens, in the north-eastern coast of Attica, you expect an interesting tour of the small town of Marathon, fanned by a huge reputation. Situated at the foot of Mount Pentelikon Marathon and the valley extending to the sea, famous in 490 BC It was then that the Persian king Darius decided to take revenge for the first unsuccessful campaign against Greece and its huge army landed at Marathon Valley. The Athenians did not wait for an attack on their city, gave battle tenfold superior force of Persian hordes and won. Crushing victory of the Athenians for a long time has strengthened the spirit of freedom and independence not only in Athens, but also in many other Greek cities. Another event that took place immediately after the battle, gave the name of the marathon at 42,198 meters. This distance ran from Marathon to Athens brave messenger, I hasten to tell you about the glorious victory over the Persians. Now the vast Marathon, close to the battlefield, built two mound. One of them is decorated with white marble stele and glorifies the Athenians killed. Another - Hill Plataeans, honors the memory of the only ally of Athens, who were not afraid of the huge Persian army and helped the Athenians in battle. More about the glorious history of the battle, you can find in the Archaeological Museum of Marathon, which also stores and other exhibits - artifacts born in Marathon Herodes Atik and findings from the cave of Pan. Beach lovers will be pleased to know that near Marathon is one of the best beaches in Attica - Schin, surrounded by pine forest and popular among fans of windsurfing.