Loutraki - Korinthos charm.    Price € 60      

The charming town of Loutraki is located on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth and is a real treasure, which harmoniously united natural resources and man-made attractions of a modern vanity popular resort. Visit Loutraki worth everyone who stepped on the sunny land of Greece. The name of the city was due to the healing sources on which it was built. Sources Loutraki, surrounded by magnificent nature - a real storehouse of health. In addition to the unique hot springs area is famous for its purest and equipped beach, as well as a bright cluster of attractions. Not far to the north-west of Loutraki, at the picturesque mountain Geraneya, built the monastery of St. Potapov, founded in 1952. The monastery is situated above the cave, where they were miraculously found the relics of the saint. Intimate atmosphere of this divine place for a calm and peaceful contemplation. From the monastery, located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, offers an unforgettable panoramic view of the lying at the bottom of Loutraki, the Aegean and Ionian Sea, as well as other beautiful monasteries, built a little lower. North of Loutraki, Perachora on a small peninsula, lies a blue lake with salt water - Heraion, or Vouliagmeni, connected to the sea by a narrow man-made duct. Swimming in the lake - a real revelation, and sitting in one of the taverns located on the banks of Vouliagmeni, you can perfectly relax and enjoy the spectacular scenery. Near Lake is another famous landmark district Loutraki - the majestic ruins of the temple of Hera, the mother of the Earth and the guardian of marriage. The sanctuary was built in the fourth century BC, and now you can imagine how magnificent and beautiful this building was in ancient times. Lots of great attractions are located in Loutraki - and it's only a few of them. The city is also famous for the wonderful tourist infrastructure, organically interwoven with the magic breath of antiquity. In Loutraki there are many cafes, taverns, clubs, shops, and one of the largest casinos in Europe.