Aegina, Poros, Hydra. Pearls of the Saronic Gulf.    Price € 99      

Tour of the ancient Greece would not be complete without a visit to the three most beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf - Aegina, Poros and Hydra.

Aegina Island, located between Argolis and Attica, has carried and preserved through the centuries its original traditions and is considered the jewel of the Saronic Gulf. In ancient times, Aegina obschegrecheskih vie for trade-economic and cultural superiority of Athens, but later was forced to submit to its superior policy. The fertile land of Aegina save the beautiful monuments of ancient times. The most famous of them - the temple of Athena Afaia and the Temple of Apollo, allowing imagine how powerful and what was the island of unusual people inhabit it. Today Aegina is a favorite destination of Athenians and visitors, as well as the place of extraction of the highest quality in the country pistachios. Sure, anyone who set foot on the ground blooming Aegina, experienced a real revelation of this multifaceted and wonderfully beautiful place.

Poros island, surrounded by emerald green groves and gardens, located off the east coast of Argolis and divided with it by a narrow strait. It has long been considered a picturesque Poros island sea god Poseidon. Here, in the heart of Poros, and to this day are the ruins of the magnificent temple of Poseidon, as if confirming ownership of the islands of the sea god. Look at the artifacts of those times have been found on the island, it is possible in the Archaeological Museum of Poros. Like all the islands of the Saronic Gulf, Poros actively participated in the War of Independence against the Ottoman Empire. On the island there are many more attractions, lifts the veil of this mysterious piece of land.

Amazing island of Hydra (Hydra), located at the eastern coast of the Peloponnese and is the most enigmatic and mysterious islands of the Saronic islands. It is known that the settlers of the island famous as experienced sailors who have turned to the sea Hydra mini-power, and one of the first island was chosen representatives Mycenaean civilization. Wide recognition island was during the reign of the Ottoman yoke, a shelter on its hospitable land a lot of refugees from the Peloponnese and Albania. Today Hydra hardly touched the bustle of mass tourism. On the island banned the use of all types of mechanical transport, so take the rap for all boats, ferries, boats and donkeys. In Hydra great atmosphere of relaxation, ease and freedom - freedom from everything, including from modern, like the right, but such binding fussy duties. Soak up the atmosphere of the island of Hydra languid - and you will feel the rapid restoration of the natural potential of your body and energy body and soul ...