Loutraki - Temple of Health.

On the shore of the Gulf of Corinth, surrounded by picturesque mountains and unrestrained violence of nature, is the main health resort of Greece - Loutraki, popular not only among the Greeks, but also the guests of the country. Loutraki - an amazing symbiosis of the sea and mineral springs. In fact, they gave life to this beautiful, full of attractions. Earlier in this place the ancient city of Terme, according to legend, it is very popular among the Olympian gods, taking hot baths here. Translated from the Greek "Loutra" - a medicated bath. Near the "living water" is always bubbling with life - at different times there were located Roman baths were built Byzantine churches and priests heal the sick. In 1847, Italy was officially announced about the healing properties of water sources around Loutraki and begins to build a resort. Water in Loutraki, reaches a temperature of 32 ° C, saturated with magnesium and sodium is very palatable and helps with disorders of the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the joints, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, gynecological and skin diseases. Thanks to its unique composition and properties of the healing drink this water can be directly from the source, without undergoing any further treatment. Also in the Loutraki have sources enriched with radon. Radon is found in water at a concentration such that the radon bath works wonders in helping in many diseases. Loutraki is the largest in Greece, a spa and many hydrotherapy institutions equipped with modern facilities. The country's largest spa resort of Loutraki is also famous for its magnificent beaches, covered with shiny pebbles, through which the water off the coast of unusually clear and clean. Thanks attractions and superb infrastructure stay in Loutraki will not disappoint even the most sophisticated in the comfort and entertainment of guests. Here are the Monastery of St. Potapion, charming Byzantine church, Lake Vouliagmeni, the ancient temple of Hera, as well as a variety of shops, tavernas, cafes and the largest casino in Europe. Experience all the benefits of the resort of Loutraki and open the door to the wonderful world of health, beauty and harmony!