Kamena Vourla. Radon, back to life.

On the east coast of Central Greece, in the crystal-clear waters of the Evoikos Gulf, is a unique spa resort, surrounded by pine groves - Kamena Vourla. The picturesque town is built on the mineral springs, many of which are rich in radon. Medicinal properties hitting the coast sources evaluated in antiquity, from actively using to restore health. Water rising from the earth, enriched with radon released from other radioactive elements due to its ability to easily leave the crystal lattice of the original mineral. The concentration of radon in Kamen Vourla sources ideally suited for the treatment of various diseases such as arthritis, neuralgia, gynecological disorders, certain types of asthma, dermatitis, etc. Procedures for the treatment and prevention of these violations are carried out by bathing and inhalation. In addition to the radioactive radon sources are located and mineral composition which contains a chlorine, sodium, magnesium, iron and other useful minerals. The water temperature in the sources of Kamena Vourla reaches 49 ° C, will not emit any odors and absolutely transparent. Visit this magnificent natural gift worth even a healthy person. An incredible number of spa treatments offered in the thermal centers and showrooms Kamena Vourla, delivered the divine pleasure, maintaining beauty, youthfulness of the skin and restoring vitality tired from the bustle of the modern world of man. Diversify stay in the city to help the magnificent beaches, countless entertainment and unforgettable excursions to the location next to Kamena Vourla attractions - Thermopylae, meteors, Athens, Delphi, the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos, as well as a picturesque mountain village. Women who take care of their appearance will be nice and helpful to visit a resort located on the source of the "Bath of Venus." Mineral water, which covers the body of millions of tiny bubbles, a magical effect on the skin, giving it a glow and healthy, youthful appearance. Feel like a goddess!